We believe in providing a warm caring atmosphere where all children feel welcome and secure

We believe that all children are separate and unique individuals, therefore they will be valued for that uniqueness

We believe children’s learning and developmental growth is fostered through play

We believe in embracing different cultures and beliefs and we will incorporate them into the curriculum to support children and families who are attending the centre

We believe in quality outcomes for children and our curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework for preschool children 


Our educators encourage the children to respect each other and provide opportunities for socialization

We recognise that educators bring different ideas and cultural values to the centre, we embrace this as it supports our belief in supporting everyone to be included in centre life


We believe that the family is an integral part of the child’s life therefore we will encourage parent participation within the centre

We support all families beliefs and cultures and incorporate their requests into our curriculum, we celebrate significant cultural days throughout the year


We believe in sustainability, therefore we will promote recycling of materials used in creativity, cleaning and equipment, water wise practices


The centres curriculum is based on the Early Years Learning Framework and this aims to provide quality individual and group outcomes for children’s development.

We believe children learn through play