Vacation Care


Vacation care operates during the school holidays. A variety of excursions and incursions are planned for the children. These experiences are based on the childrens interests, the children who regularly attend the centre provide the staff with ideas. Family input to the programme is also encouraged. Children who attend vacation care must be booked in and once your booking is accepted you will be charged for that days attendance, even if your child does not attend, as staff and venue will have been booked depending on numbers of children. The main aim of vacation care is for the children to have fun and it provides opportunities for social and cultural interactions. Age Preprimary to Year 7


To enroll your child in before and after school care at Kenwick childcare centre, download the school enrolment form under enrolment. 


Centre Fees: These are reviewed annually in July-October.


Prior to Enrolment:


  • Talk to Centrelink on Ph 13 61 50 about your eligibility for Child Care Benefit, Child Care Rebate and other services on offer that assist with your costs of child care.

  • Book an orientation visit at the centre to meet the educators, see the facilitites and ask any questions you may have.

  • Complete an enrolment form for each child.

  • Bring a copy of your child's immunization schedule and birth certificate.

  • talk to our stalf about ways to help your children setle in our centre.


Attatched below you can find the vacation care activities: